Board Of Trustees

Mr.Balakrishnan Vijayakumar

Record collector and Executive Secretary of Raksha Society a non-profit working for the wellbeing of differently-abled children.

Mr. Pushkar Lele

Young and talented Hindustani vocalist from Pune, creating waves in the field of classical music in recent times.

Mr R. Natarajan

Record collector from Chennai and deeply involved with early Carnatic music, early cinema and Tamil devotional songs.

Mr.Sanjay Khannah

Indian classical music lover and Kolkata based vintage recordings aficionado.

Mr.Sounak Chattopadhyay

Young Hindustani vocalist from Kolkata and exponent of RabindraSangeet, he is a student of the Kiranagharana and a regular performer across India and the world.

Mr.Sunny Matthew

Ardent record collector and Palai based curator of the hugely successful Gramophone Expo Calicut, 2012, that unfolded the history of recording in India